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BabySitter Finder is an app for parents looking for childcare, au-pair, eldercare, and housekeeping providers and babysitters in their city worldwide to help take care of their children or elderly care or perform housekeeping

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Locate and Contact Babysitters and Childcare/Eldercare Providers Within Your City

Quickly and easily locate babysitters, au-pairs, childcare, eldercare providers, and nurseries/kindergartens (from the parents' app) or locate parents (from the service providers' app) within your city with results displayed on the map, and the ability to contact service babysitters and care providers or parents directly.

Multiple Search Criteria

Find a babysitter or a parent based on price, distance, telephone, nursery wanted/provided features or kewyords.

Post and Manage Babysitting Requests or Babysitting Ads

Allows you to post a babysitting request or nursery/babysitting ads from the respective app so that babysitters and parents can find each other easily.

App Is Free for Parents

The app is always free to use for parents. For babysitters and providers the app has a very low cost monthly subscription fees with the first three months free.


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